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Cellthanka is the mined inside a cell

chemical molecules can think
So evolution theory is correct
If we take Paramecium cell, it consists of nothing but chemical molecules only, and because these large molecules reach up to one million atomic weights, they call them Biomolecules because they do exist in living organisms only. 1
So the Paramecium consists from chemical molecules only, which exist within one unit called the cell. This cell does not contain nerves, brains or anything other than chemical molecules. But this group of chemical molecules swim like fish with their hundreds fins and feed by an opening, which can be considered as mouth and then digest food and then absorb the useful and then extrude the unuseful to the outside of the body, and it divid wonderfully into two cells similar to each other in a way marvel in its complexity and numerous of steps. 2
But how can an organism made up of only chemical molecules carry out all these complex tasks of swimming, feeding, breeding, while having no mind, no brain or intelligence, having nothing but chemical molecules. 3
So we conclude from this that chemical molecules can think and decide and can manage things, and that the thinking of chemical molecules can manage very complex processes such as described above. 4
therefore the chemical molecules can think, that means matter can think, and the ability of thinking and intelligence increases with the size and complexity of its molecules.
In the beginning when planet earth had molecules that were not large and not complex, These molecules, with their small brains, were able to make slightly more complex molecules only, Hence, these more complex molecules had more intelligence  and able to make much more complex molecules and in many different types,  then these different types of highly complex molecules which have much higher intelligence decided to combine themselves to establish an entity which was so complex we can call it the seed of life, this entity (seed of life) was more intelligent so it developed more complex entities were this new entity became more intelligent and so on, The higher the complexity, the greater the intelligence, then the first cell evolved then multi cells organisms then higher life evolved as we know it now. all this took place because the matter thinks and it has intelligence. 5
Anyone objecting this hypothesis that matter is thinking should come with conclusive evidence to convince us how a Paramecium made up of chemical molecules only can perform all these complex tasks without having a thinking mechanism or brain or nerves, but only chemicals by which it could do all these very complex tasks that a computer can not do. 6

How a Paramecium Eats!

Bacterial Flagellum, whose level of thinking and achievements, surpasses the Paramecium. Bacterial Flagellum is so brilliant that the mind can not believe it.
the chemical molecules, known as Bacterial Flagellum, can make an electric motor that rotates at a rate of 100,000 cycles per minute. It can stop at a quarter of a cycle and turn in the opposite direction to change its direction. Bacterial Flagellum motor consists of stator and a rotor, the fan and the part that connects the fan to the rotor, and ball-bearings which fix the rotor in its position, The power supply is supplied so that it can rotate. All this complex system consists of chemical molecules only and the motor is made and assembled step by step by chemical molecules and the motor consists from chemical molecules only and the system administered only by chemical molecules from manufacturing the parts to assembling them in a precise sequenced steps.
the way the fan is made is so amazing that a complex thinking entity must be there to be able to make the fan.
the thinking entity inside a cell we must give it a name lets call it (Cellthanka)
Cellthanka must be able to make the fan step by step by making the complex molecule then transporting it then taking it to the opening of the motor then unfolding it from the tip first then sending it inside the 2 micro meter channel then moving it inside this channel then receiving it at the end then folding it to form that specific shape. all this Cellthanka must do it with no mistakes.
As Cellthanka builds the long tail, it knows the tail must not exceed a specified length so between now and again Cellthanka sends a special long molecule inside the tail channel via this measuring molecule Cellthanka measure the length of the tail. if the tail is still short of the required length Cellthanka will continue building the length of the tail, when Cellthanka gets the message from the length measuring system that the tail has now the required length then Cellthanka takes the decision to stop the operation and the length will stay as it is.
Cellthanka is really cleaver by sending the measuring molecule to see if the tail has reached its required length, then it take the decision to stop or carry one, this measuring and building an open loop process can only be done by a thinking entity and this must be Cellthanka 
the assembly of the motor from its parts, the manufacturing of these parts then managing the assembly step by step must be done by Cellthanka.

So the one who manages this complex system is chemical molecules. therefore matter thinks and we must recognize this fact, otherwise we are blocking our eyes from the sun with a sieve. 7

Bacterial Flagellum - A Sheer Wonder Of Intelligent Design – video

Bacterial Flagellum, and Paramecium are proof that matter is thinking and has intelligence, and the human brain is only a more complex physical model, which has a higher level of intelligence than other physical complexes. All components of the brain are chemical molecules in the form of cells and extensions only. 8

Hemoglobin molecule must think otherwise how a rigged ball of atoms stuck together by electronic bonds can make decisions, so when it is near the lungs it releases the carbon dioxide and it lets it go then it catch the oxygen and keep holding the oxygen, until it reaches body cells then it let go the oxygen then it caches the carbon dioxide. bearing in mind the Hemoglobin molecule in both cases it is near body cells wither this body cell is in the lungs or some other organ of the animal.
Hemoglobin molecule never do the opposite if it do the animal will suffocate and die. Hemoglobin molecule must think and always do the correct things just like the way ants think.
every one including scientists all think that Hemoglobin molecule is nothing but chemical molecule like any other molecule present in stones or sand or mud, they are all wrong, they must know that Hemoglobin molecule is a thinking molecule it thinks, and it do its work by thinking and taking decisions according to the state it is in and the situation it is in, exactly like what ants do were the ant all it does it take very simple decisions but more various once. were ants decisions is slightly in a higher stage from the decisions the Hemoglobin molecule take.

since I proved that matter think and as the molecule gets more complex its level of thinking gets better and higher. therefore this matter can evolve life whenever the environment has the necessary condition for life.
I can aver that life will be present in every planet that has water and the planet is circulating  the star within the life permitting zone or distance.
I even think that there is life in Jupiter even though it is far from the sun but the high heat inside it must have the permitting zone where the temperature in some depths is enough to make complex molecules at some depths where the pressure is so high that such molecules will form and in many deferent forms, then they combine themselves to make entity of  life then this entity will make so many kinds of life that is so strange and weard and unimaginable by us because we evolved in completely different environment.

we can make an experiment to prove my theory.
let Microsoft and Apple and google join together and make a program which simulate Paramecium and  Bacterial Flagellum in every single detail internal and external  and dividing themselves to two cells.
i am certain they will spend more than 100 million and will not make this program in 20 years.
because the molecules inside Paramecium and  Bacterial Flagellum do such complex dynamic functions with such precision that no computer program can mach. because the chemical molecules are so cleaver that we can not do what they do via a computer program.
this experiment will prove with no doubt that chemical molecules can think and do think and it is behind the evolution of species.

this video at 2:17 shows how the fan which is like a long tail is manufactured by Bacterial Flagellum

the computer program must deal with molecular level and how atoms connect to each other. this animation it only shows what happens as pictures it does not show how really things are done.
the program must be able to make the fan step by step by making the complex molecule then transporting it then taking it to the opening then unfolding it from the tip first then sending it inside the 2 micro meter channel then moving it inside this channel then receiving it at the end then folding it to form that specific shape. all this the computer program must do it in the atomic level as it is in real life.
the assembly of the motor from its parts, the manufacturing of these parts then managing the assembly step by step must be done by the computer on molecular level.

this  2 video which is an animation of what goes inside a cell the computer program must do.

the  computer program must do all these things which take place inside every living cell.

if they manage to do this program then we will see how complex the cell is and this complexity must think to do such very complex tasks.
I can bet that after 30 years of hard work and spending over 900 million dollars they will not be able to make this single cell like Bacterial Flagellu because the way matter think is much more cleaver than we can imagine, and this task of making a computer program to simulate the way matter think will show us this fact then we will be amazed and ask who made this matter which can think. 

someone might say I can not imagine in my wildest imagination that molecules can think. so your theory must be wrong.
my answer is I can not imagine in my wildest imagination how some cells joined together each consists of nothing but some molecules can compose beautiful music  like Mozart 40th symphony and Betehoven fifth symphony and paint breath taking painting like Michele angelo and wright poems and philosophy books and make incredible inventions like TV, cars, spaceships and can laugh and weep and love.
it must be an illusion that these cells in our brain which is made from molecule can laugh and weep and love.
so our brain is unacceptable phenomena more than that molecules can think.

 A Paramecium Takes a Poop

Amazing Microscopic HD Video! Paramecium Feeding!!

 Paramecium: structure - external


Paramecium Dividing

Amazing Flagellum

Programming of Life - Intelligent Design or Evolution

Inner Life of the Cell (Full Version - Narrated)

Origin: Probability of a Single Protein Forming by Chance

This juxtaposition proves that matter thinks and matter is the one who develops the creatures. 9

all materialists will be happy with this new idea but all believers will be sad and will reject it. 10

But I am happy with this new discovery because it proves that God has a genius and amazing ability and it is so puzzling to us were God made the matter intelligent and can think. 11

What is more creative? 
A God creates a deaf matter or God creates thinking matter. 
Of course, God creates a matter which can think is more creative. this is the peak in creativity to the point ordinary minds can not imagine. and the perception of such creativity beyond the imaginations of scientists, thinkers and philosophers now and over time. 13

 Man has 30,000 genes. If we consider what the eye needs from software to manufacture in all its complexity, it has 600 thousand light receptors each connected by a separate nerve that connects its signal to the brain, the brain creates an image. The brain then merges two image from both eyes into a three-dimensional image. this system require a number of genes more than one million genes. 15
These few 30000 genes must be in a single cell that is produced by an egg and sperm molecule and has intelligence, choices and complex decisions taken during human manufacture from a single cell. Because it is impossible to form a very complex human being by 30,000 genes  it is impossible. So genes must be very cleaver and have very high intelligence. 24


there is belief and there is fact.

belief = we accept something without a proof.
Fact   = we accept something by a proof.
there is: God & universe & religion & atheism

God no one has seen him or can prove its existence. therefore:
God is not a fact.....   God = belief
universe we can see touch and hear:
universe = fact

who created God? no one knows where he came from.
who created universe? no one knows who created universe.
religion say God created universe without a proof.
atheism say God did not created universe without a proof
atheism say the proof is the big bang.
religion say God created the big bang.

who created life?
atheism say evolution did. without concrete proof
religion say God did. without concrete proof

its a draw between religion and atheism.

so which one has more convincing points than the other.

lets see the facts of behavior then we decide.

atheism did not mass kill or make terrorism or burn women alive because they do magic.

religion say the most beautiful words  and do the most evil deeds like mass killing and terrorism and unimaginable dictatorship of minds and society.

so lets be truthful to our selfs  and seek the facts only by asking ourselves:
who is better?


What is puzzling and I have no explanation to it. how the molecules with their simple thought when evolved can compose such breathtaking music like this.


Only if we look at the image of this woman and her indescribable beauty, we will make sure that such a beauty is impossible to have evolved by accident and it is impossible to be Cellthinka who designed this beauty which Is the most beautiful thing in existence. So God must have personally created this beauty and God can only have created such beauty.
So we conclude that man did not evolve from monkey by the work of Cellthinka , but God's hands where behind the evolution of man to reach this image and the most beautiful beauty.
This woman with her breathtaking beauty, which surpasses the beauty of sunrise and sunset, surpasses the beauty of forests and meadows and surpasses the beauty of gardens full of roses and flowers. She is the most beautiful thing in existence, in fact she is more beautiful than all existence with its galaxies, stars, planets and moons.

Cellthinka or thinking molecules cannot create such breathtaking beauty therefore it must be God who did. Her beauty is a symphony we listen to it with our eyes. 
No one can compose such breathtaking musical symphony to be seen by the eyes but God.

المادة تُفكر
اذن نضرية التطور صحيحة
لو اخذنا خلية البراميسيوم فانها لا تتكون من اي شيئ سوى جُزيئات كيميائية فقط لا غير ولأن هذه الجُزيئات كبيرة الحجم يصل بعضها الى مليون وزن ذري يسمونها جُزيئات حيوية لأنه لا وجود لها اللا في الكائنات الحية. ١
اذن كائن البراميسيوم ما هو الا جُزيئات كيميائية مختلفة موجودة ضمن وحدة واحدة تُسمى الخلية. لاتحتوي هذه الخلية على اعصاب او عقل او اي شيئ سوى جُزيئات كيميائية. ولكن هذه المجموعة من الجُزيئات الكيميائية تسبح كما السمكة بزعانفها الكثيرة بالمئات و تتغذى من فتحتها الذي يمكن اعتباره فم و ثم تهضم الطعام  ثم تمتص المفيد ثم  تقذف الزائد خارج الجسم, و تنقسم بشكل عجيب لتصبح خليتين متماثلتين بشكل يعتبر اعجوبة في تعقيده و بخطواته المعقدة. ٢
ولكن كيف يمكن لكائن مكون من فقط جُزيئات كيميائية ان يقوم بكل هذه الاعمال المعقدة من سباحة و التغذي و التكاثر و هو  لا عقل له و لا دماغ ولا ذكاء, ليس عنده شيئ سوى جُزيئات كيميائية. ٣ 
اذن نستنتج من هذا ان الجزيئات الكيميائية تُفكر و تتخذ القرار و بامكانها ان تُفكر, و ان تفكير الجزيئات الكيميائية باستطاعته ان يدير عمليات معقدة جدا مثل التي وصفناها اعلاه. ٤
بما ان الجُزيئات الكيميائية تُفكر اذن ان المادة تستطيع التفكير و قدرة تفكيرها و ذكائها يزداد مع كبر و تعقيد الجُزيئة المكوِنة لها.٤
في البداية عندما كان في كوكب الارض جُزيئات غير كبيرة و لا معقدة استطاعت هذه الجُزيئات بذكائها الصغير ان تصنع جُزيئات اكثر تعقيداً, و من ثم هذه تمكنت من صناعة ما هو اعقد منها و بانواع مختلفة و من ثم قررت هذه الجُزيئات المختلفة ان تُأسس منضومة منها مجتمعة اكثر تعقيدا فكانت بذرة الحياة, و هذه المنضومة صار ذكائها اكبر فطورت منها منضومات اكثر تعقيدا فصارت هذه اكثر ذكاءً و هكذا كلما ارتقى التعقيد زاد الذكاء و تطورت المخلوقات و كل هذا بسبب ان المادة تُفكر و لها ذكاء. ٥
من يعترض على هذه النضرية بان المادة تُفكر يجب ان ياتي ببرهان قاطع و نضرية قاطعة و محكمة كيف يمكن لحيوان البراميسيوم المكون من جُزيئات كيميائية فقط لا غير ان يقوم بكل هذه الاعمال المعقدة بدون ان يكون له عقل يُفكر او منضومة دماغ و اعصاب ولكن فقط بمواد كيميائية فقط استطاع ان يفعل كل هذا. ٦

How a Paramecium Eats!

اما الفلاجيلوم فمستوى تفكيره و انجازاته تفوق البراميسيوم بشكل يتوقف العقل عن تصديقه فاستطاعت هذه الجُزيئات الكيميائية التي اسمها فلاجيليوم ان تصنع ماطور كهربائي يدور مئة الف دورة في الدقيقة و يمكنه التوقف بربع دورة و الدوران في الاتجاه المعاكس حتى يغير من اتجاه سيره عندما تخبره متحسساته ان الطعام هو في الاتجاه الاخر. الفلاجيلوم فيه ماطور مكون من الجزء الدوار و الجزء الثابت و البولبرنات التي تثبت الجزء الدوار في موقعه و المروحة و الجزء الذي يربط المروحة بالجزء الدوار من الماطور. و منضومة تزويد الماطور بالطاقة حتى يستطيع الدوران. كل هذا السستم المعقد يتكون من جُزيئات كيميائية فقط لا غير و صنعته خطوة خطوة جُزيئات كيميائية من جُزيئات كيميائية و تديره جُزيئات كيميائية فقط.
اذن ان من يدير هذا السستم المعقد  هو جُزيئات كيميائية . اذن ان المادة تفكر و يجب ان نعترف بهذه الخاصية والا فنحن نحجب عين الشمس بغربال. ٧

Bacterial Flagellum - A Sheer Wonder Of Intelligent Design – video

البراميسيوم و الفلاجليوم برهان على ان المادة تُفكر ولها ذكاء وما الدماغ الانساني الا نموذج مادي اكثر تعقيدا فصار له مستوى ذكاء اعلى من المنضومات المادية الاخرى فكل مكونات الدماغ جُزيئات كيميائية على هيئة خلايا و استطالات فقط لا غير. ٨

هذه النضرية تثبت ان المادة تُفكر و هي من يطور المخلوقات. ٩
فورا سيصبح الماديون في قمة السعادة بهذه النضرية و سيحزن بها المُئلهين و يرفضوها. ١٠

و لكني سعيد بهذه النضرية لأنها تثبت ان الله له من العبقرية و القدرة العجيبة و المحيرة على ان يجعل المادة تُفكر. ١١ 

فقولوا معي سبحان الله رب العالمين كيف صنع الله مادة تُفكر و لم يخطر على قلب بشر ان المادة تُفكر و لها ذكاء. ١٢

ايهما اكثر ابداع الله يخلق مادة صماء او الله يخلق مادة تُفكر. طبعا الله يخلق مادة تُفكر فهو قمة في الابداع الى درجة تعجز العقول و الافهام عن تصور هكذا ابداع يفوق اقصى تخيلات العلماء و المفكرين و الفلاسفة الان و عبر الازمان. ١٣

سنُريهم اياتنا في الافاق و في انفسم حتى يتبين لهم انه الحق. هذه النضرية بان المادة تُفكر هي اعضم نضرية تبين مدى عضمة الله و قدرته و ابداعه. ١٤

 الانسان عنده ٣٠ الف جين. ولو حسبنا ما تحتاجه العين من برامجيات لصناعتها بكل تعقيداتها فهي عندها ٦٠٠ الف مستقبلة للضوء كل واحدة مربوطة بعصب منفصل يوصل اشارته الى الدماغ فيقوم الدماغ بتكوين صورة.  بعدها  يقوم الدماغ بدمج صوتين من كلا العينين ليكون صورة ثُلاثية الابعاد. منضومة الرؤيا  هذه تحتاج لبرامجياتها عدد من الجينات تفوق المليون جين. ١٥

الكبد من التعقيد بحيث يتعامل مع مليون نوع من المواد الكيميائية. فيحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ١٦

الجهاز الهضمي يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ١٧
الجهاز العصبي يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ١٨
الجهاز الدموي يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ١٩
الجهاز العضمي يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ٢٠
الجهاز التنفسي يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ٢١
منضومة الراس من اسنان ولسان و جهاز سمع و شم يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ٢٢
الجلد و العضلات يحتاج الى مليون جين لبرمجته. ٢٣
يجب ان تكون هذه الجينات القليلة في خلية واحدة التي نتجت من اتحاد بويضة و حيمن تفكر ولها ذكاء و اختيارات و قرارات معقدة تاخذها اثناء تصنيع الانسان من خلية واحدة. لأنه يستحيل تكوين انسان معقد جدا بواسطة ٣٠ الف جين مستحيل مستحيل مستحيل. اذن يجب ان تكون الجينات مفكرة و لها ذكاء. ٢٤
قولو معي مرة اخرى سبحان الله رب العالمين كيف صنع الله مادة تُفكر و لم يخطر على قلب بشر ان المادة تُفكر و لها ذكاء. ٢٥

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