Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Philosophers wisdom TV program
philosophers & Islam & virus
The most frightening machine of all is a man who lost his humanity & lost his virtue
Man is the origin & source of all coming evil

The flood of Virusic Islam flooded the middle east and it is destroying Iraq and Syria and Yemen and Libya and grinding other Islamic states like Egypt and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Nigeria etcetera and created the satanic Islamic state of Iran which distorting all its neighbors . And the Virusic Islam is hitting Europe more and more every day.
The creator of the Virusic Islam is the clerics. Since people do not read in the middle east so books are not the solution.
The only way to make anti-virus for the Virusic Islam is via TELEVISION STATIONS so we enter the homes of the one billion Moslems and cure them from this Virus which controlled there minds generation after generation.
The west and the UN must forces all Islamic countries via UN resolution that every Islamic country must have at least three hours a week  (Philosophers wisdom TV program) presented by a Philosopher and meets Philosophers and the only subject they talk about is the Virusic Islam. Every state owned TV channel must do this.

Then day after day the people start to think and the virus will die and there minds will be virus free and Terrorism will end once and for all because people got cured from being hypnotized by the clerics.
Then we will have one billion new people who think and do not accept any thing illogical or evil.
Any nation who does not let Philosophers enlighten its people via programs on TELEVISION STATIONS so all people will listen to the wisdom  this nation will live in a dark age, then the devilish clerics can easily control their minds via Virusic Islam.

The west and the UN must stop all Islamic religious TELEVISION STATIONS who do not make %25 of its time for Philosophers to have their Philosophers programs, then the clerics have %75 of the time to answer the Philosophers back.
Any religious station refuses this deal. its license on Euro sat or Nile sat etcetera will be stopped and there channel will be stopped from broadcasting.
If the west do not do that they will suffer most by terrorism and extremists.

Licensed to kill
Every man his body trembles when he sees a slain man. And it is impossible for a man to think to kill because his conscience does not allow.
But Texterians have License to kill. And when they kill they don’t feel sorry. Because the text gave them License to kill, the text killed their conscience, and they became beings with no conscience.
There is no Muslims in this world but Texterians 
There is no Muslim religion in this world but Texterian religion
False to say terrorism is using Islam
True to say terrorism is part of Texterian religion   

In this article when I say Texterians I mean Moslems… but the fact is non of them are Moslem. Because in all of the one billion who call themselves Moslems there is not even one Moslem, but  they are slaves to the text… therefore I call them Texterians.. and the religion they believe in I call it Texterian religion.

These one billion Texterians, their conscious is dead because of the text they believe in. therefore in short time any one can change them into a killing machines kills with no mercy or remorse or empathy. As it has happened with ISIS.

To make a terrorist organization all you have to do is select the right text and show it to the Texterians and in no time you have a terrorist machine capable of destroying nations and cause havoc in other nations. Even who born in Europe and educated there and lived all his live in Europe these texts will attract them because all the Texterians all of them worship the text.

All the text used by ISIS to convince people to kill all of it, they teach it every day in Suni Alazhr and Shaa Alhoza. And all Islamic universities.

Stalin & Islam & virus

Guns, Germs, & Steel

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تحذير!! من يقرئها سيبداء بالتفكير عندها سيتحول من كائن حي الى انسان. و كم صعب ان يصبح الشخص انسان في هذا الزمان