Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dear Rosa Luxemburg

Dear Rosa Luxemburg

Capitalism is the true nature of man.. man likes to possess everything. If man does not have this inner nature of Capitalism mankind could have not built civilizations.

So Capitalism is the core of building our civilizations. But since man is unfair and evil by nature. So he has exploited who does not have in such extreme manner that some thinkers created socialism.

Socialism was a reaction to unfairness. It was not a thinker creation of a working system which takes in consideration of human nature of love to be rich and be wealthy.

That is why all socialist countries and nations went backward and became failures.

When Socialist societies stopped & chained this human nature. Then no one in this society can have a dream of being something special.

When socialism killed the dream of every one in a nation it became a nation without dreams.

A nation where every individual prevented from having a dream of success it is a failure nation.

Therefore all socialist nations failed because they killed the dream of everyone in this nation.

That happened because the creation of socialism was a reaction to injustice & not creating a perfect system which works.

No one can change human nature. It is built in. so any system does not take this nature in consideration this system is doomed to failure.

That is why socialism is a failure and history showed us its failure in all countries that used socialism as a system.

All what you are doing is following the design of a system created by others. You should innovate a new system.

The new system must take in consideration this human nature of greed, so people can build.

some laws must be made in such a way that injustice must not be.

The name of the game is justice. Where these laws stop everyone from exploiting anyone.

So let’s call this system. Justicezm.

JUSTICEZM will make every one happy, the active person who is volatile and want to make big goal he can do it in this JUSTICEZM system.

And the non active person who just want to work and live, the system will not let any one to exploit him.

This is just an idea for you.

They made black boxes (socialism, Capitalism ) and everyone is in one of these black boxes. They think only within these black boxes.

Move out of the box and think of new system like JUSTICEZM.

If two families are fighting for years and no one can win. Marry them and make new family all the fight will stop. And peace will prevail.

I wrote this because I feel so sorry for people wasting their live on non functioning ideas. Like Socialism.