Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Final solution to terror in France and elsewhere

Final solution to terror in France and elsewhere
Since the police manpower is limited then searching all apartments and houses in all of France is impossible and if done will take years. This solution will make all France’s apartments and houses searched for suspects in few weeks and cost free.
The French people are under attack by some wolfs in form of humans. All the French people must join this search for the safety of their country and the safety of themselves.
The French president declares that every building in France must be searched by the people where every building residents join together and search every apartment one by one and any apartment refuses to be searched the people call the police and search this apartment. And the resident will be declared as a person wasting police time and will be fined $10000.
Some might say this is dangerous for the people. I say France deserve to take the risk by its people to make it safe.
As soon as this mass search start all terrorists will run away and no one will be in France any more.
Dear president of France either you take this decision now and clear France from terrorists or you will never have a second chance in the future.
Not taking this decision it means France will keep all these terrorists for ever and they will hit us for many many times in the future. The French people are brave and they will search every apartment.

Dear president The French People are brave to search are you brave to take a decision.

The French people