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Abortion and stupid governments

Abortion and stupid governments

When a government makes a law which prevent a woman from abortion. At the same law it must say that the government will pay all the cost of its decision for making this law.
The cost must include:
Hospital cost.
Monthly salary for 15 years no less than $2000 so a single mother can stay at home and care for her child.
If the government does not do this it should not make a law which destroys young ladies life.
The government might say: well, God will not be happy if we don’t stop abortion, at the same time we don’t have the money to help young ladies.
My answer is: God did not vote you in, so let him be unhappy. This young lady she voted you in, so don’t destroy her life to please some God some where.

Well, a question for the government: what kind of God is this, he will be happy if a young lady’s life is destroyed.
Plus, if you harm people you must pay for it. If you don’t have the money don’t make laws.

The government says a pregnant rape victim who needs a life-saving abortion is a murderer.
I say you are a murderer of a young lady by destroying her life
Let’s talk money. Pay me $2000 per month for 15 years to raise my baby. Or
abolish your stupid inhumane abortion law.

Women will never make such a law which destroys women life. Only men do.
So all women must start on facebook and tweeter to make virtual Women Political Party and when the numbers become so big and SO organized they make real physical Women Political Party.. since women are %55 of any nation therefore Women Political Party will win election and change the law for abortion and change all the laws which discriminate against women.

CV of women & CV of men, to Vote for whom on election

If we want to employ any body for a simple job like an IT, we ask for his/her  CV (Curriculum vitae) so we can decide if he/she is worthy of this simple job.
If we want to get a government to run our nations economy and military and every thing we must ask for the CV of this government other wise we might get a bunch of thieves who steal us and bunch of criminals who will make wars and destroy us or a bunch of filth who will torture some of us without mercy.
Below are the CVs submitted by men & women showing their history to convince people to Vote for them on next election.

The CV of Men
We men have experience in ruling mankind for 6000 years therefore we deserve this job of ruling mankind.

We men have fought 146000 wars bravely and we got so many medals of bravery by killing the enemy. We did it and still doing it proudly.

We men have killed three billion people during our previous job which lasted 6000 years. We killed and still killing proudly.

We men proudly have raped more than 1.2 billion women. We did it and still doing it proudly.

We men have burned women alive more than one million of them.

We men have tortured men women and children in such ugly ways and methods where even the devils are ashamed to do such a thing. We did it and still doing it proudly.

We men have stolen the masses when ever we are in power. we did it and still doing it proudly.

We men brilliantly have converted religion to a weapon. We used it to make people kill each other and destroy nations and commit atrocities to please God. We are so brilliant that we can convert an idea which seeks good to an idea which drips evil and hatred and killings and filth.

We men must get this Job because you will never find any like us, with all these capabilities all put together in one. War, killing, torture, rape, murder, mafia, thieves, gangs, drugs, lying, cheating, and above all and the most thing we are proud of religious men who deceive people to kill and explode themselves and kill women and children and we tell them you will go to haven for these filthy deeds, just tell us who can do that but we men because we are so brilliant we can convince others to die and kill others and they are so happy to die and kill. Just for this single brilliant innovative deed we ask you to give us the job of ruling this world because you will never find any body so brilliant like us ever.

Please just watch this video and see what we are capable of. Firm, strong and fierce. So don’t we deserve to rule mankind?

We men denounce strongly that you give this JOB to women, because they are stupid and have no experience at all. If they where not stupid they would have not believed us men when we told them that they are small minded and you can not run governments.

The CV of Women

We Women have created men from our bodies, then we raised men with love and devotion, we feed them from our bodies,

we taught them every thing, then when they became strong they stabbed us at the back

and raped us and distorted all our dreams by war and killings and evil.

We Women for the past 6000 years did not kill.
We Women for the past 6000 years did not create war, did not torture, did not murder, did not make mafia, did not make gangs, did not make or sell drugs.
We Women did not have religious women therefore we did not deceive people to kill to be nearer to God.

We women should get this Job of ruling mankind because we created mankind all mankind men and women. The creator should rule what she created.
We will not be as evil as the devils (men) if we rule, it will be a world full of love as mothers love their children, not as the world full of hate as when men ruled mankind during the past 6000 years.

Throughout history men have been the greatest divisive force in human existence.
Through wars persecution and torture, men have caused more harm than any other being since the beginning of time.

From good comes good & from evil must come evil.

Therefore any evil you see it must come from something is evil, what ever this something is, if it is a man or ideology or organization or society or party.
Since all what is said above formed by men therefore all the evil have come from men therefore all of you must vote for women party since it did not do any evil and will not do any evil.

Above men said women are stupid, we respectfully disagree, we can prove that men are stupid by just defining war.
War is a massacre committed by two groups of men they don’t know each other but they kill each other, while their leaders don’t kill each other but 
they know each other.

What a stupid men are, to kill each other for no logical reason but for some
 stupid ideologies, and all ideologies are as stupid as men are.
Where all ideologies are created by men, ‘stupid men’. Just imagine billions of people have been killed by men for ideas in the minds, where history proved they where all wrong.

We women are proud of being women because we work as they do and harder, we raise children and do no harm.

Are men proud of what they did?

We women ask for the third of the period we want to rule mankind for 2000 years then at the end of this time mankind sit and decide who ruled better women or the men.

The only way We women can reach power is by women parties just the same way men is getting power now via parties, they name them liberal and democrats and labor and so on. We women must start to make parties via face book and tweeter then when we become in millions we move on the ground and make real women parties which will run for election and since all women will vote for us and since women are always %60 of the population therefore we will rule mankind and we will end war and evil and torture

Above all we make new laws to be just for women, and get rid of all the laws which is unjust for women

Where the first law when women rule will be any rapist will face death. It will be a great deterrent, and then women can walk at night and feel safe.
Women of this world you must know that this article is the first step of a 1000 mile journey. You women must march this 1000 mile yourselves, No one will march it for you.

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